abstract smoke picture

Developed from a personal obsession for Formula One aerodynamics, my work aims to highlight the hidden qualities of air-movement through the medium of sculpture, photography and video.

To understand the meaning of an ‘aerodynamic’ sculpture, I’ve built a homemade wind tunnel – a rectangular chamber made from card paper and perspex with a fan on one end sucking the air through; replicating forward motion. Hundreds of black straws glued together sit on the opposite end of the tunnel to act as an air straightening mechanism, allowing the air to pass through smoothly in laminar flow. To visualise the air movement, I either use a smoke machine or incense stick. Wind tunnels are generally used to test the aerodynamics of aircrafts or racing cars. In my case, I use it to test aerodynamic sculptures. I would describe my work as a combination of scientific experiment, automotive design and fine art sculpture.

The series of images on display are divided into two categories. The first set (right) presents the sculptures as stand-alone works of art. The second set showcases images of the sculptures’ aerodynamic capabilities inside the wind tunnel. By using video footage captured from various angles, I then screenshot individual frames and place them into Photoshop. I use the ‘Lighten’ overlay setting to bring out every single frame. The result allows the viewer to see the striking air flow structures formed by the aerodynamic shape of the sculptures. This practice can be perceived from an artistic or (&) scientific perspective.

abstract smoke picture

Siôn Teifi Rees

Instagram: @sionteifirees